About Manchester Photographer Paul Richardson

Hi, I’m Paul

I love capturing peoples personas through photography. I’ve been working freelance as a professional photographer since 2011, capturing a wide range of projects for clients all over the world.

In 2019 I became obsessed with portraiture, creating images that capture the true essence of a person. It’s true that an image speaks 10,000 words, and I want to make sure each word is exactly what you want it to be. The right shot can inspire confidence and trust in the viewer, something which every working professional desires.

A great image combines story with emotion, and that’s what I try to achieve in every single one of my portraits. I want to create an image for you that stands out from the crowd, and truly adds value to your life.

I don’t work on the principle of getting as many people through the doors as possible. My sessions take care and thought, to make sure each of the final images deliver exactly what you desire.